From John Fallon (Billy Trigger): Usually on a film, the wardrobe department (overseen by the producer and director) decide the look of a character for an actor. Sure an actor may have SOME input, all depending on the size of the role/how much weight he/she carries on the show, but usually, not much if at all. In this case though, I have personally been shopping around, putting together the look of my character Billy Trigger (see pic below). Of course Director Christian Viel has to agree with my choices (so far so good, we’re on the same page), but on the whole, am on my own and am digging it. So here’s how I am going about it.

I am taking into account how it will look onscreen (we’re doing a 70′/80′s type of action film, so I want to reflect that in how Trigger dresses) but functionality also comes into play, being that I will be doing a lot of running around, jumping, fighting and shooting in the movie. So far I got the field jacket (love the dark green i.e. a nod to Trigger’s Irish roots – it’s a wink to Rambo’s jacket in First Blood – I can move in it – and it will keep me warm when we shoot exteriors), Viel got me the requested stretchy Jeans (I can kick in them cause of their elasticity, like Chuck Norris used to wear in his films – they’re really tight on the privates though, all good, I don’t want any kids), I got the shades (old school aviator) and the leather gloves.

All I’m missing is the top (looking for something dark grey and thin not to sweat too much while executing the action scenes) and proper footwear (light in weight, am thinking black sneakers, but with lots of grip for when I’ll run and jump on damp rooftops). That’s it so far. The hunt continues!