After the uneven first week for me (action was good, my leg injury became an obstacle, acting was not 100%), I  launched into week 2 with CHARGE on the fritz. My first scene on Day 1 was a one on one with Fred The Hammer Williamson. This was IT for me in my head; it had to be my rebound acting wise. After our first take which went smooth as silk, I went up to my bud and co star Deke Richards, clenched my fist at him in a fuck yeah way and told him “Boom, I’m back”. And that was it! My mojo had returned. All that pressure I was putting on my shoulders in Week 1 was gone and I had fun with the scene. Needless to say acting with a veteran like Fred, resulted in me upping my game. What a pleasure it was to go head to head with him. I am a better actor for it.

That positive jive carried on with my scenes with Meghan Gabruch as Jinny. In my book our bits were natural and we shared a good chemistry. So again, I was happy. Another high point was witnessing a tense scene between Anderson Bradshaw and The Hammer. The screenwriter side of me got a boner there; witnessing characters that I created in a scene that I wrote, go at it and come to life in front of my eyes. Both gents KILLED IT and that was the first time I got that feeling during this shoot: pride in seeing what I wrote take shape. A great day for me!

The good streak continued on Day 2 with two fights scenes back to back  and a groovy shootout. Although my left leg still gave me problems, again, I worked around and with it, took the pain and accomplished what needed to be done, no matter the amount of takes it took. Will that fucking leg ever heal??? Grrrr! As for the shootout; after the first take, I yelled out loud: “I just dropped a load”! I could’ve done that bit all fucking day. I just love shooting guns man! So all in all what on paper should have been a very hard day, wound up being much smoother than I thought it would be. Oh and big props to Valerie Wiseman for her high fall (her first ever). You aced it girl!

Day 3 had its complications (another shoot-out). We eventually resolved said issues and moved on. I really don’t have much to say about all of it. With that, it was great to have my brother Pat and producer and bud Berge Garabedian on set that day. I wish they would have been there on a smoother day but hey what the fuck you gonna do. After that bit I once again got the pleasure of seeing another scene I wrote between The Hammer and Meghan come to life. They owned it and I was smiling form ear to ear. My babies live!

Day 4 was yet another intricate shoot-out. Director Christian Viel and stunt coordinator Anderson Bradshaw were on fire  and it went smooth. I got to perform a couple of cool stunts and then had yet another one on one with Fred Williamson who brought the thunder down. Fuck I love acting with that dude! Another plus was having journalist Jason Hewlett on set. We had him play one of the henchmen and it was pleasure to blow his brains out. Jason, who has no acting or stunt experience, handled it like a veteran. Great dude, great energy, loved having him there.

And finally on Day 5, while Viel, The Hammer and Valerie Wiseman were shooting their scenes, on our end, Meghan and I prepared for a touchy scene. Can’t say much about it, don’t want to spoil it. I’ll just say lots of shit I didn’t expect came out of it and basically acted as the end of my character’s arc. At night we had a going away party for Fred (and at the same time Meghan) who wrapped their time with us on the shoot. We also had press on hand to interview us. I have to say it, I will miss Fred. I learned so much from him about acting and being an action hero and I am very thankful for that.

At the end of the night, I got home dead tired and collapsed. Today, after I slap this up,  am unplugging my phone, turning off the computer, putting a warm compress on my bum leg and watching Connery Bond movies all day. I need alone time and need to re-charge. One week left of shooting to go! Almost there!