Local Montreal website CULT MTL dropped by the set of our new action flick Billy Trigger and talked to star Fred Williamson and actor/screenwriter John Fallon. Here’s an excerpt of the sit down.

Fallon’s horror movie reviews are stylistically chock-full of male-centric bravado — less critical and more in line with a guy who just wants Jack Daniels and, as he’s written in the past, a “good flick.” His personality and his work on Trigger fit perfectly in line. “Action has always been my first love. You know, then I started writing about horror and people pigeonholed me for that. And I love horror, too,” says Fallon.

Though the gritty nature of Trigger hearkens back to gritty low-budget action films of the 1970s, both Fallon and Williamson insist it’s not a throwback, but the real thing. “We have a junkyard chase scene — you never see that in movies anymore,” Fallon points out. “Gritty throwbacks are bullshit,” says Williamson. ”What Tarantino does with the negative scratches,” he continues, referring mostly to his work on Grindhouse, “it’s just bullshit.” He adds that there was no way that would have gone over well in the 70s.

You can read the whole article here!