Musician Michael Battista had some of his songs in Viel’s and Fallon’s first action collaboration DEADEN and now Battista has come full circle as he contributed some of his fine tunes to BILLY TRIGGER as well. The songs in question are called: Chevette, Leaves, Read My Soul and I’m Not! And once again, the man’s engaging ditties add further impact to the mayhem on screen. Find out more about Michael Battista HERE!


A film is only as good as its music and we feel privileged to have found a slew of talented artists for Billy Trigger. Allow us to introduce you to 3 of them!

French actor, musician and composer RURIK SALLE has contributed 4 potent songs to the film (as played with the band Fugu Dal Bronx which he is part of) ,which in all honesty helped us find the tone of the piece in Post Production. They are called: DEAD MARCH, INSISTATION, MUSOO and TWIST THE KNIFE. You can listen to some of Rurik’s music HERE!

Musician, composer and fellow Canuck SHAWN KNIPPELBERG wrote and performed the rocking end credits song for the film called PULL THE TRIGGER. You can listen to some of Shawn’s music right HERE!

And finally FRANCK BARRAUD contributed a badass instrumental song called NO LIMITS ( as played with the band Fugu Dal Bronx which he also is part of) to the movie which really put some oomph into one particular action scene.

More on the other artists that joined the film in due time!

BILLY TRIGGER is presently sound mixing.


Two days ago, Director/Editor Christian Viel and I finally locked picture on Billy Trigger. I am elated with what we have and I feel like sharing some positive joo-joo.

First of all, I believe that Billy Trigger is the best film Viel and I ever collaborated on. His camera work is tops and his action scenes are bad and ass. This is also (surprisingly) the “meatier” flick we’ve ever done as the characters/relationships are fleshed out and layered. A result of the many re-writes I did on the script at the request of Executive Producer Berge Garabedian and director Viel and of the actors, who brought their own ideas and of course their own energy on set. For example, there’s a love story in the film that wasn’t really on the page, but that was born and took life on set due to the chemistry two of the actors shared (me being one of them).

I am also happy to report that our main cast owns it! Fred Williamson goes back to his Black Caesar roots with his nuanced performance here, fans of The Hammer will love this role! Anderson Bradshaw gives what is in my opinion his best showcase to date, his key scene with The Hammer was the tits! Meghan Gabruch is simply a revelation, local casting Agents should be beating down her door with axes, the girl’s got chops and then some! Matthew Bennett steals every single scene that he’s in and Pia Metni will make you fall in love with her. And I do all right in the film too

Moreover, the flick is an effortless sit down. You know you got a good pace going when you watch a rough cut (with raw sound/image and no sound effects) and it flashes by. I’m happy about that. So there ya have it! Twas a long climb for all, but we made it. All that matters. –  John Fallon Writer/Producer/Actor

Hey all! Billy Trigger has taken longer than anticipated to wrap up its Post Production but we’re almost there. It is true what they say; a film is created three times: when you write it, when you shoot it and when you edit it. I think Billy Trigger will surprise many, cause in terms of how it’s turning out in Post at the moment, it sure is surprising us! Yes it has taken a life of its own and we’re just along for the ride. More news soon! Thank you all for your support!- John Fallon