A film is only as good as its music and we feel privileged to have found a slew of talented artists for Billy Trigger. Allow us to introduce you to 3 of them!

French actor, musician and composer RURIK SALLE has contributed 4 potent songs to the film (as played with the band Fugu Dal Bronx which he is part of) ,which in all honesty helped us find the tone of the piece in Post Production. They are called: DEAD MARCH, INSISTATION, MUSOO and TWIST THE KNIFE. You can listen to some of Rurik’s music HERE!

Musician, composer and fellow Canuck SHAWN KNIPPELBERG wrote and performed the rocking end credits song for the film called PULL THE TRIGGER. You can listen to some of Shawn’s music right HERE!

And finally FRANCK BARRAUD contributed a badass instrumental song called NO LIMITS ( as played with the band Fugu Dal Bronx which he also is part of) to the movie which really put some oomph into one particular action scene.

More on the other artists that joined the film in due time!

BILLY TRIGGER is presently sound mixing.