After the uneven first week for me (action was good, my leg injury became an obstacle, acting was not 100%), I  launched into week 2 with CHARGE on the fritz. My first scene on Day 1 was a one on one with Fred The Hammer Williamson. This was IT for me in my head; it had to be my rebound acting wise. After our first take which went smooth as silk, I went up to my bud and co star Deke Richards, clenched my fist at him in a fuck yeah way and told him “Boom, I’m back”. And that was it! My mojo had returned. All that pressure I was putting on my shoulders in Week 1 was gone and I had fun with the scene. Needless to say acting with a veteran like Fred, resulted in me upping my game. What a pleasure it was to go head to head with him. I am a better actor for it.
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